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This eBook is about providing a structured, effective, and sustainable approach to losing 5-6 kg in 30 days. It includes detailed meal plans, exercise routines, and practical tips to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals while fostering long-term healthy habits.


Who Will Benefit from This eBook?

  • Individuals looking to kickstart their weight loss journey with a clear and actionable plan
  • Busy professionals seeking structured guidance to fit weight loss into their hectic schedules
  • Anyone aiming to adopt healthier eating habits and an active lifestyle


Use Canva to create a unique eBook cover to make your resell product stand out. Canva offers easy-to-follow tutorials to help you get started.


Resale value of 20-30 Euros/Dollars/Pounds per copy

30 Days Weight loss Guide eBook

£198.99 Regular Price
£149.24Sale Price
  • Once you purchase this eBook, you have the right to resell it. However, you are not permitted to share this eBook with others for free for them to resell.


  • This eBook is provided in a Word document format, making it easy to access and edit using any word processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Once you finalize your customizations, save the document as a PDF for distribution.

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