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We Can Create Your Custom eBook 

Our Custom eBook Creation Service is designed to deliver a personalized and high-quality eBook tailored to your specific needs and preferences within 48-72 hours after purchase. If you can't find a suitable eBook in our library, we offer the flexibility to create one from scratch, ensuring it meets your unique requirements.

What We Need from You:

  1. Topic: Clearly define the subject of the eBook.

  2. Style: Specify the writing style (e.g., formal, conversational, instructional).

  3. Key Points: List the main points or chapters you want included.

  4. Target Audience: Describe who the eBook is for (e.g., beginners, experts, specific demographics).

  5. Additional Details: Any specific requirements, such as word count, preferred structure, or any other relevant information. ( maximum word count we offer is 8,000)

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